Boot Camp

The Borrowing Money Boot Camp

Being offered for the first time, this 2.5-day course will help land trust professionals learn the art and science of borrowing money to finance land and resource acquisition, restoration, and stewardship projects. This course will help participant organizations—represented by both a staff and board member—to identify different types of lenders, understand loan terms and repayment strategies, and to assess overall readiness to borrow money. There will be an emphasis on practical, hands-on tools, lessons from relevant case studies, and participants will have the opportunity to consult with loan experts on projects or problems from their work. The course is designed to assist conservation professionals and their respective board members overcome common challenges and enable the organization’s ability to borrow money. After the training, attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program that will provide technical assistance from an expert practitioner as they begin to incorporate the financing skills that they’ve learned into the implementation of their organization’s strategic plan and conservation mission.

This training is being held in partnership with The Conservation Fund, The Land Trust Alliance, Resources Legacy Fund and the Open Space Institute. This workshop was made possible through grant support from the Resources Legacy Fund and the USDA Forest Service*.

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*The USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

Photo credit: USFWS

The Claggett Center
Adamstown, MD