Our People - The CFN Team

Network Staff

  • Peter Howell, Interim Executive Director, The Conservation Finance Network
  • Mary Powers, Forest Finance Program Associate, The Conservation Finance Network 
  • Julia Mettler-Grove, Project & Operations Manager, The Conservation Finance Network 

News Hub Leadership Team

Resident Alumni Experts

  • Maki Tazawa, Program Officer, Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment and Co-Founder, ClimateRaise
  • Chris Martin, Portfolio Manager, Americas Natural Resources, APG Asset Management 
  • Jessamine Fitzpatrick, Alder Point Capital Management
  • Chandni Navalkha, Associate Director, Lincoln Institute for Land Policy 

Student Writers

Conservation Finance Network Steering Committee

  • Margaret Bowman, Principal, Bowman Environmental Consulting
  • Renee Kivikko, Director of Education, The Land Trust Alliance (Chair)
  • Carl Palmer, Founder, LegacyWorks Group; President of the Board of Directors, Legacy Philanthropy Works
  • Peter Stein, Managing Director, The Lyme Timber Company