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Can Banks Embrace Natural Capital?

Climate is no longer the only risk in town: thanks to a loud call from the scientific community, nature has finally been given a seat at the table with finance ministers, regulators and central bank governors.
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It's Time to Revisit Carbon Markets

Carbon markets, particularly offsets, are shaking off their past and becoming a vital instrument for reaching CO 2 reduction goals, protecting and conserving biodiversity at scale, as well as meeting many of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals. They need to succeed.
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The Conservation Fund Successfully Closes Debut $150 Million Green Bond

The Conservation Fund announced the closing of a first-of-its-kind offer of ten-year green bonds totaling $150 million. Proceeds from the bonds will be used to increase the scale of the Fund's "Working Forest Fund®," dedicated to mitigating climate change, strengthening rural economies and protecting natural ecosystems through the permanent conservation of at-risk working forests.
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Investment Advisors Weigh In on Barriers to Conservation in Portfolios

This two-part article series explores the challenges of and opportunities for incorporating conservation finance into traditional investment portfolios. In Part 1, various current and former investment advisors with deep knowledge of impact finance discuss the challenges of integrating conservation investments into traditional investment portfolios.
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Rise of Controversial Transition Bonds Leads to Call for Industry Standards

When Marfrig floated the idea of doing its first-ever green bond earlier this year, the company’s bankers knew the deal would be a difficult sell. But the bankers had an idea. Why not re-label the transaction? Instead of calling it a green bond, which would mean having to comply with industry-wide standards and risk drawing the ire of the ESG community, bankers suggested rebranding the trade as a “sustainable transition bond,” a made-up term that they thought would reflect Marfrig’s efforts to clean up its supply chain.
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This Environmental Nonprofit Just Started a Venture Fund to Put $200 Million Into Conservation Businesses

Komaza, a “microforestry” startup in Kenya that pays farmers to raise tiny plots of trees for wood, isn’t the type of business that can easily get traditional investment. But the nonprofit Conservation International saw it as a perfect fit for its new investment fund, which will provide $200 million in funding over the next decade to businesses that are designed to help protect natural areas by changing local economies.