Catherine Rothacker

Master of Environmental Management , Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies , 2017
Catherine Rothacker is a second-year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is interested in ecosystem conservation through private sector engagement, particularly at the intersection of tropical forests and agricultural production.  Following her first year at FES, she worked as a Markets & Biodiversity Intern at EcoAgriculture Partners, where she advanced private sector engagement with sustainable landscape governance. 
Prior to Yale, Catherine worked for the Meridian Institute in Washington, DC, where she provided research, writing, and communications support to further multi-stakeholder collaborative problem-solving projects related to tropical forests and sustainable supply chains, agricultural conservation policy, climate change and the water sector, and community resilience. Catherine previously served as a Land & Water Ecosystems Intern at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, where she focused on freshwater quality and endangered species issues, and worked on market-based environmental programs as a Conservation Incentives and Markets Intern at the World Resources Institute.
Catherine graduated magna cum laude in Geology and Environmental Studies from Amherst College. In her free time, she enjoys live theater, modern art, and Russian literature.