Andy Xie

Andy Xie
Writer, Yale Center for Business and the Environment
, Yale College, 2021
CLEAN ENERGY FINANCE FORUM Conservation Finance Network Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance

Andy Xie studied Economics and Political Science at Yale College, graduating in 2021. He has written for the Clean Energy Finance Forum and the Conservation Network - and served as a Research Assistant at the Yale Initiative on Sustainable Finance.

Authored Articles
A lake in Maine maintains clarity (courtesy

Maine's freshwater supply benefits from fresh ideas and metrics that flow from partnerships.

Case Studies in Clean Water Investments: A Blueprint for Partnership Evolution

To the question “should partnerships advance water quality?”, many practitioners answer: “Yes, but how exactly?” A survey at the outset of the 2021 New England Roundtable showed 36% of participants were “not sure how to get started” with pursuing water utility partnerships, 39% were “already doing it,” and...
How do you sum the value of everything in, from, and under these trees?

(Courtesy City Forest Credits.) Beyond soothing imagery, urban trees measurably lift air quality, energy affordability and employment. City Forest Credits aims to quantify what that's worth. 

City Forest Credits: Reforestation-Based Urban Equity Solutions

City Forest Credits matches nonprofits and cities to fund urban trees. It describes its mission as one to make “American cities greener, healthier, and more equitable.” By computing value of rainfall interception, air quality benefits and energy savings, the outfit aims to define premium price for nonprofit organizations to charge...