Brad Ward

Brad Ward
Yale school of the Environment, Master of Forestry, 2022
Conservation Finance Network

Brad is a Master of Forestry candidate at the Forest School at Yale School of the Environment, expected to graduate in 2022. He grew up in Massachusetts' Pioneer Valley where he developed a love for nature and an interest in small-scale agriculture. Brad studied neuroscience at Yale College and spent 5 years working on business strategy for a multi-billion-dollar Silicon Valley quantitative investment manager before coming back to study Forestry at Yale. Brad is particularly interested in forest and biodiversity conservation, and innovative financial tools to engage more private, for-profit capital toward those ends. He works as a writer for the Conservation Finance Network, and in his spare time he enjoys backpacking, paddling, and live music.

Authored Articles
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The idea of a range of project components helps practitioners plan and execute. 

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How do you think about what makes investors, conservation professionals and members of the public better off? For the authors of a new report, this question sparked an intellectual inquiry that led to a new language for thinking about what gives a project value. The language builds off the framework...