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Daphne Yin

Daphne Yin is a Consultant at Indufor Ltd. At Yale, she focused on finance and policy for sustainable land use and climate change mitigation and adaptation. She is interested in determining how market and nonmarket approaches can work together to transform land use, and using performance metrics to measure impact. In research and consulting roles, Daphne has collaborated with diverse stakeholders to support a range of activities spanning avoided deforestation and forest degradation, reforestation, sustainable forest management, agroforestry, and grassland/rangeland management.

She first developed her interest in climate change while working under Richard Sandor, the father of carbon markets, at Environmental Financial Products. At Forest Trends, she coauthored the annual State of the Forest Carbon Markets and State of the Voluntary Carbon Markets reports. She has since worked on projects at the intersection of climate change and land use domestically in California, and overseas in China, Germany, and Kenya.

Daphne received a B.A. in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Studies from the University of Chicago. She hails from Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

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