Helen Rogers

Helen Rogers, Manager of Conservation Finance Network

Helen Rogers supports CFN by managing strategic goals, coordinating program strategy and implementation, and operations administration. Working at the intersection of the natural and built environments over the past decade, Helen’s experience is rooted in regional and urban planning, conservation operations, and community building. Helen holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Clemson University and a B.A. from the College of Charleston.

Authored Articles
Everyone learns in meetings - but what can we learn about how to run meetings?

With the International Land Conservation Network, CFN offers a handbook for handling gatherings to boost impact. 

How to Bring People Together to Unlock Scaled Conservation Impact

Intractable social and environmental problems require collective action. These challenges demand that we step beyond individual mission statements and business models to craft strategies, chart paths forward, and unlock scaled impact—together. A new guide draws on lessons from convenings around the world to make gatherings more enjoyable and effective.