Jessica Bediako

Jessica Bediako
Yale school of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management, 2022
Title IX Fellow at Yale University The Earth Prize

Jessica Bediako is a graduate student of Yale School of the Environment pursuing a Masters in Environmental Management. Her interest and professional pursuits in Corporate Sustainability and Resiliency Management reflect her belief in the possibility of businesses thriving and still keeping the environment safe.

In addition to being a Title IX Fellow at Yale University, Student Interest Group leader and a Mentor for The Earth Prize, Jessica works with the Yale Center for Business and the Environment as a Writer for the Conservation Finance Network and Research Assistant for the Financing and Deploying Clean Energy online certification program. Her recent professional experiences have been with the Green Business Certification International and World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). Projects she has also been involved in include the development of the US Green Building Council’s RELi Certification Rating System, and WBCSD’s Mobility Decarbonization and Commuting Behavioral Change projects.

Authored Articles
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