Katie Allen

Katie Allen, head of the Conservation Leadership Network at the Conservation Fund

Katie Allen directs the Conservation Leadership Network at the Conservation Fund, the physical and administrative home of the Network. 

Authored Articles
So this panther walks into a bank...

(Courtesy Mark Conlin/Alamy, via the NRDC website.)

Species and Habitat Conservation Banking

*It should be noted that with the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, many conservation banks along with other conservation projects are facing uncertain futures because the pandemic has put a stress on current and future funding. For many years, conservationists, landowners, and developers have met at crossroads when handling cases of endangered species with habitats on private lands. Conservationists sought to ensure the protection of the habitat, landowners hoped to maximize land value and avoid land-use restrictions under the Endangered Species Act, and developers sought to develop land without paying complicated and large mitigation sums. The alleviation to these conflicts of interest...