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Mark A. Perelman

Mark Perelman is a Master of Business Administration degree candidate at the Yale School of Management. Mr. Perelman has over a decade of experience sustainability economics, investment, and strategy. He is passionate about helping organizations implement policies that balance across an array of missions. He has worked with entrepreneurs and NGOs - as well as with global giants such as BASF.  

Prior to Yale, Mr. Perelman spent four years with the Clinton Foundation carrying out President Clinton’s mission to demonstrate that for-profit operations can turn profits while improving lives and environmental conservation. He was instrumental in growing commercial agribusinesses throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and arranging a successful exit following the Foundation’s change in direction. The businesses acted as economic engines to improve farmers’ access to markets for inputs - including affordable high-yielding seeds that were multiplied. They also served as crop offtakers from the farmers to sustainably spur economic development in the region. The operations also provided over 100,000 farmers with agronomy-training, community-building, and other livelihood-enhancing initiatives - including health clinics and warehouse systems for financial inclusion. 

After earning a degree in Mathematical Economics from Colgate University, Mr. Perelman worked as a competition economist producing expert legal reports on monopolization, collusion and fraud in cases involving Enron, Adelphia and others. Later, during the Great Recession, he managed over $5 billion in assets at a quantitative hedge fund where he researched and launched ESG as well as targeted thematic equity funds. 

Mr. Perelman holds a CFA charter and has served on the board of Brooklyn Tech High School Alumni Foundation. He was born in the USSR, but has been a New Yorker for most of his life. 

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