Susannah Harris

Susannah  Harris
Manager at Deloitte Consulting LLC
Yale School of Management, 2016 Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, 2016

Susannah serves as a Manager in Supply Chain Sustainability at Deloitte Consulting. She has eight years of environmental consulting experience, focused largely on how corporations can reduce their impact on water, energy, and food systems. While pursuing her master’s degrees at Yale, she co-authored two new graduate-level courses on environmental risks and opportunities for business. She also completed a number of student consulting projects, ranging from a supply chain risk analysis for a global beverage company to a consumer analytics strategy for a Brazilian healthcare startup. Prior to Yale, Susannah worked for Eastern Research Group, Inc. in Washington, D.C. where she devised and implemented national water and energy programs for U.S. EPA. Susannah has an MBA from the Yale School of Management, Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, and a BA in American History and Environmental Policy from Northwestern University.

Authored Articles

Four Areas to Consider as You Dive into Program-Related Investing

More and more foundations are turning to program-related investments (PRIs) to meet their goals. While each foundation does it differently, the successful ones are looking closely at their strategies for staffing, sources of PRI funding, ways to identify investable projects, and options for locating co-investors. Rather than starting from scratch when making these decisions, foundations should look to successful case studies and industry organizations to help ease their own transition to PRIs. These are some of the key findings from a July 12 report: “How Foundations Can Use Program-Related Investments to Address Water Challenges,” by Yale School of Forestry and...

Amplifying the Investor Voice in Corporate Water-Risk Discussions

Companies and investors can both take steps to promote regular and substantive conversations about corporate water risk. At Ceres Conference 2016 in Boston on May 4, Monika Freyman, director of the Water Program at Ceres, led a session in which 100 investors, corporate representatives, and social-sector leaders showed remarkable unity on this topic. Both the panelists and audience members agreed that two of the primary goals should be to have companies disclose the water risks in their value chains and to work together to develop mandatory, standardized, and sector-specific water disclosure requirements. So where are the pain points in the...