Roundtable Webinar Series

In lieu of a spring 2020 in-person  Roundtable meeting, CFN hosted a webinar series highlighting the work of Roundtable attendees. Please view these webinars below. 

Session 1: CFN & NRCS Update and Wayne Fredericks

CFN kicked-off the Spring 2020 Roundtable webinar series on March 26th. The session started with a roundup from the Natural Resources Conservation Service and CFN teams. We then hosted farmer Wayne Fredericks in conversation with Adam Kiel of the Iowa Soybean Association on the productive, profitable, and sustainable crop production practices he employs with utmost attention to soil, water and air quality. Wayne, a farmer from Osage, Iowa, is a self-proclaimed “accidental conservationist” and early adopter of no-till soybean production practices. He has served on the American Soybean Association Board of Directors since 2015 and Iowa Soybean Association board since 2008.

Session 2: New Funds, Products, and Initiatives

On April 7th, 2020, CFN hosted the second webinar in our Spring 2020 Roundtable series. The session focused on new conservation finance funds, products, and initiatives that our Roundtable participants have announced since our previous meeting in October 2019. The panel was moderated by Maggie Monast with the Environmental Defense Fund.


Session 3: Introducing the 2019 Conservation Finance CIGs

Hosted on May 27th, this final session in the virtual Spring 2020 Roundtable series introduced the 2019 conservation finance Conservation Innovation Grant recipients. Each panelist introduced their project’s goals and the problem they are trying to solve. The panel was moderated by Leigh Whelpton with CFN.


  • Adam Chambers, USDA NRCS
  • Christi Electric, Croatan Institute
  • Christine Cadigan, American Forest Foundation
  • Anthony Myint, Perennial Farming Initiative
  • John Steven Bianucci, Iroquois Valley Farmland REIT
  • Brandon Welch, Mad Agriculture
  • Ben Shorofsky, Greenprint Partners