Grace Cajski

Grace Cajski
Yale University, B.A. in Environmental Studies, 2024

Grace Cajski is a super junior in Yale College studying Marine Conservation with Double Major in English and Environmental Studies. She's passionate about bottom-up, community-based conservation that's rooted in longevity and sustainability.


Authored Articles

Deep in the Weeds: Panel Pursues "Seagriculture" Investment Models

Seaweed—as a food source and beyond—has the potential to be profitable and sustainable, while supporting culturally important cuisines and strengthening the base of the marine food web. Recently, interest in cultivating seaweed, especially in the United States, has grown—but anyone interested in growing seaweed, investing in it, or processing it...

Conservation Finance Learning Lab Recap, Part Two: Harvesting a Bumper Crop of Federal Funding

The available level of funding does not have recent precedent,” said Leigh Whelpton, Executive Director of the Network. This windfall of potential funding is certainly beneficial to practitioners, who often rely on initial government support to attract private investors.