Sam Feibel

Sam Feibel
School of the Environment, Master of Environmental Management, 2023

Sam is a first-year student in the Masters of Environmental Management program at the Yale School of the Environment. With a background in Geology, he has investigated the legacy of historic mill dams in the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, served in the Peace Corps in Madagascar, and developed a passion for visual storytelling along the way. He is interested in land use history, wetlands, and ecological restoration. Sam is a photographer, and believes that effective, visually engaging science communication is critical to achieving meaningful change.

Authored Articles
BIg Spring Run development site, with wetlands

(Photo by Sam Feibel/Franklin & Marshall College.) This restored wetland brings life back to a Pennsylvania site that once posed a threat to the Chesapeake Bay. 

Removing Sediment to Restore Wetlands Clears Revenue Paths

By removing "legacy sediment" from dam diversions, scientists can expand wetlands and their conservation oomph. In Pennsylvania, a commercial real estate firm learned how this wetland protection can create more developable land - and more profit.