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A tree in Guatemala, courtesy "RS" on Flickr

Which way will Guatemala and other carbon markets where smallholders dominate grow? (Photo by RS, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons.) 

Report From an Agroforesty Project Sheds Light on Smallholder Carbon Strategies

A green sanctuary in the heart of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, Finca Chimelb hums with the melody of melodious blackbirds and chatter among local laborers. Spanning 4,751 hectares, the farm consists of rolling hills lined with high-value crops, such as cacao, specialty coffee, and cardamom, paired with rubber trees and other...
The United Nations Water conference, March 2023

The author's view of the UN Water Conference. 

Funding Clean Water for All at the United Nations Water Conference

In many parts of the world, clean water is still an untapped market – but a flow of innovative finance is beginning to change this. Currently, the United Nations estimates that between $182 billion to over $600 billion annually is needed to address the global water crisis. Worldwide, millions of...
Has extractive farming had its day?

The Rise of Regenerative Agriculture: How Food Companies are Catalyzing Regenerative Farming Practices

Food companies have started to incorporate regenerative agriculture into their sustainability strategies and supply chains - it’s an important buzzword today for companies, but how are they defining it? And what are they doing to support farmers in the transition? I spoke with Daily Harvest - the plant-based meal delivery...
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It's All in Scope

This March 31 briefing explains how the final draft from the Task Force for Nature-Related Financial Disclosure endorses a "scope" approach to future reporting.
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You Bet, Sustainable Finance Will Grow

This March 27 dispatch assesses how UBS' absorption of Credit Suisse will invite other investment banks to build market share in ocean and other conservation deals.
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Higher Standards for Carbon Markets?

This March 30 report looks at new proposed standards from the Integrity Council for the Voluntary Carbon Market, arriving in a fraught moment.
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Less Money, More Hikers, More...

A March 24 dispatch from a radio station in Wisconsin's North Woods traces opposite trajectories in the volume of people exploring the outdoors and the volume of state funding for public lands.
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One in Four Needs a Lot More

This March 23 story relays a study showing that new tropical forest planting reversed 26% of the carbon harm from logging and deforestation.
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Is a Standard the Right Flavor?

This March 23 piece distills the case for and against a federal regenerative-agriculture standard.
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Land-Acknowledgment Talk is Cheap

This March 15 story details how some American Indian organizers are working to parley verbal "land acknowledgments" into financial relationships.